Grassroots Practices for Embodying Change in Your Congregation, Your Community, and Our World


Organizing Church is a text that shares specific practices derived from biblical theology and the principles of grassroots community organizing that cut in two vital directions:  getting congregations "into the game" of substantive change for social justice and the internal reanimation of congregations and faith-based communities.  


Tim Conder

Tim Conder is the founding pastor of Emmaus Way in Durham, NC. As an organizer, he is a member of the Clergy Caucus and the Strategy Team for Durham CAN (Congregations, Associations, & Neighborhoods). He is also a Ph.D Candidate in Cultural Studies at the University of North Carolina researching the intersections of Christianity, race, and social justice activism with a focus on the NAACP-led Moral Movement in NC. Tim was also one of the founding leaders of EmergentVillage and is a Trustee Emeritus at the Seattle School of Theology & Psychology.  He is a pastoral and academic author of many texts writing on the church in postmodernity, pastoral ministry, evangelicalism and social justice, qualitative research methodologies, and structural racism in education.      

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Dan Rhodes

Dan Rhodes is Clinical Assistant Professor of Social Justice and Faculty Coordinator of Contextual Education at the Institute of Pastoral Studies of Loyola University Chicago. His work centers on political theology, broad-based community organizing, ecclesiology, critical theory, globalization, sovereignty and governance, peace studies, and more. Dan is currently the editor-in-chief of The Other Journal, a position he has held since 2011. He co-pastored Emmaus Way in Durham with Tim Conder. He currently lives in Evanston, IL with his wife, Elizabeth, and two spirited daughters.

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